Monday, September 26, 2016

Rachel Zoe Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/11/2015.

Rachel Zoe is a Hippy. Deal With It! The Tiny Wonder Bohemian Stylist turned into Designer is all too happy to float about like the Baby sis of Stevie Nicks and swath her dainty frame in all manner of Loose and Flowing layers and lots of Chanel and look as if she just came off the "Rumors" Tour Bus in tow with Lindsey and Mick. Her clothes are reflections of this undying inspiration as well as all things Rock and/or Roll, Bianca Jagger, Marianne Faithful, Patti Hanson, Saint Laurent Circa 1970-something, and such. 

The thing is, in that Itty-Bitty body is the Heart of a Tigress and a Businesswoman with a Ferocity that would rival one of Danerys' Dragons! So, Zoe knows, every woman isn't going to immediately respond from her gut to all that Hippy-ness, So her clothes run a gamut... And what a stunning gamut it was for her Resort 2016 collection. With more than a Dash and a Soupçon of Tom Ford era Gucci and Marc Jacobs inspiré thrown into the Zoe Robot Coupe, Zoe produced probably the best collection yet from her House de Mode.

There was Fringe aplenty, Furs, Scarf necks, Tuxedo Stripes, Le Smokings, and all manner of Delicious apparel to sop up with your Fashion Biscuit! Standouts included a SUPER Hype Black Greatcoat worn with a Snazzy Three-piece shorts outfit, all in the same Black-On-Red Floral that was a Scene Stealer! A Bit of Modern Gucci in a Ombre fur coat that went from bright Fuschia to Magenta paired with a Magenta Cropped turtleneck and floor grazing skirt. A striped Sequined Evening Gown in shades of Red, Magenta, Puce and Chocolate was hitting that Gucci note again and was, in Zoe Parlance, MAY-JOR!

This collection proved, that quite like her diminutive designers/celebs in arms, The Olsen Twins, Zoe is here to stay and here to prove she has the chops to be a Designer of note. She's taking the slower route (Being a wonderfully devoted Wife and Mother, which takes up most of her precious time) than the Twins, but is no less successful in showing she means business and that this was no mere whim of hers. Based on her output so far, it also proves she's not playing around either in her serious devotion to her work!

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