Monday, September 26, 2016

Theory Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/11/2015.

Effortlessly Perfect. Perfectly Effortless. Lisa Kulson proposition for Resort 2016 for the label Theory was in a simple word, Astounding! You can Hashtag that one! The collection Kulson put for was free from Superfluity and Excess. It was distilled to a Pure and Unadulterated essence that was so exquisitely crafted and quietly eloquent that it defied all perceptions and ideas of what "Modern" has become to mean. Classical expressions, with some gentle tweaking, can be as resolutely "Modern" as anything, especially when it's at such a nigh untouchably high level of performance, as Kulson's work for the label is!

As it is so magically simple, wasting too much time to pick through each outfit would be wasteful, It wouldn't be a chore, for everything was of such Superior caliber that it would be a joy to dissect and expound upon in great detail each and every look, but that would border on the indulgent. A few High-Water marks, an unadorned Navy pantsuit with a simple Tie-off closure instead of Buttons, the same Navy in a Detail-less Trench, a slim, limning Sand Pink suede shift... More could be added to that list, but as with the clothes Kulson created as here, Brevity carries the greatest gravitas!

Kulson is showing, with each new collection for Theory, how absolutely vital a voice like hers can be amongst the ever maddening and louder throng of designers trying to get heard by shouting the loudest but saying the least. In Theory, and Kulson's case, Sometimes a Whisper can be far mightier than a Shout! 

That's All.


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