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Moschino Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/11/2015.

Moschino Resort 2016.

Tongue-In-Chic (get the pun?) fun making of fashion is an easy mark, The entire system is ripe for Satire and Parody and Comic fodder for those who disdain the rather Hoity-Toity ether that the people in the fashion world circulate about in. To make fun of fashion though and for it to be Smart and Witty and not acerbic is the hard thing. Something that Franco Moschino did with ease, although sometimes a little more heavy handed and preachy than one would like, and it's also something that Jeremy Scott, Crown Prince of Cheeky, excels in!

Scott's formidable Resort 2016 Collection for the house of Moschino is a sly achievement in poking fun at the Fashion Culture and exalting in it's inherent silliness as well. What Scott does most surprisingly is craft a collection that is also Highly and Easily wearable with a fair amount of comedy in the mix as well, Which usually turns out to be a near lethal combination in most other hands. Scott turned out hilarious ideas like trimming a Sweetly flirtatious but Craftily Chic Black suit with a Bow-tied collar and a Flippy pleated skirt that had as trim, "Moschino" Receipt paper printed fabric! The skirt was printed similarly and it was audacious and sly at the same time!

There were SO many more of these jokes going on, but done with a great sense of Verve and Taste, that they never really wore thin. One wonderful example was the Black "Chanel" Jacket with Pockets made to look like String handled Moschino Shopping bags and a Skirt to match! Scott even took jabs at himself, not so much in a Mocking way, but in a Pseudo-Conceited way by printing some pieces with huge sketches of outfits from his Previous Moschino shows! It was a little daring to be so self-aware, but also tacky and funny in the way that a little bit of braggadociousness can be! Now, lest one think that all there is to Jeremy Scott's creations are Tricks and Giggles, view the precisely cut Pantsuit printed with Moschino Labels, or the slim, simple, yet terrifically chic Little Black Cocktail frock tied off at the shoulders with Bright "Barbie" Pink Satin Ribbon!

Proving he is more than a One-Trick Wonder, This collection perhaps was Scott's most Adult and Grown up to date, and integrated his Dynamic sense of Comedy and Chic in the most convincing distillate yet. Scott has surely put Moschino Firmly back on the map of Fashion and culled it from the hinterlands where it lay languishing. Scott looks to be settling in nicely and ready to take his Jokes and his Fashion to the next Plateau.

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