Saturday, September 3, 2016

Herve Leger Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/09/2015.

Even when Lubov and Max Azria try to innovate at their second label, Herve Leger, it still seems to always fall into the trap of the overly familiar. Resort 2016 was just such an instance. The collection was instantly recognizable as that "Bandage Dress" collection and offered little in the way of purging that immediacy of discernment from it's soul. There were tweaks here and there, a loosening of silhouette, more swing in the skirts, some swimwear here and there (one was surmounted by a VERY Balmain looking ostentatiously embroidered Black Leather jacket that in and of itself was one of the brighter facets of the showing) but just mostly, more regurgitation of the same Tried-and-True Formula.

There were a couple ensembles that did do the mind good, a Blue Topaz colour dress in cobwebby sections of embroidery was fanciful and quite delicately beautiful without looking slutty (as many of the pieces in the collection did!) and it's match in a Radiant shade of Lemon Yellow was also currying favour. Conversely, the final look in White with a Drop skirt below that fitted long-line drop-waist bodice looked more schlumpy than sexy! It just didn't work. The Azria's need to bring some REALLY New ideas into this collection and put the Stretchy Body-Con looks to rest for a bit. The label needs a refreshing and needs it like three seasons ago! 

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