Friday, September 9, 2016

Ports 1961 Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/10/2015.

The Ports 1961 Resort 2016 collection had a Eclectic and Eccentric edge to it that disconcerted one's view in the way that only a graduate of Central Saint Martins can accomplish. Natasa Cagalj is the new designer for the house, debuting with the house for the Fall 2015 collection, she has shown herself to be something of a purveyor of Quirkiness with an artistic element running through her style veins. This collection was above all, oddly enough, Playful! In an almost, free-form, innocent and childlike way. Oddball in places it may be, it did have the surprising ability to make you smile in the most unexpected places and ways.

This Naif nature of the designs was what catapulted the pieces into the realm of the delightfully jejune. Cagalj counterpointed the more effervescent elements with some solid and skillful tailoring and Minimalist bent that brought the clothes into more adult territory. A Mauve colour pantsuit was in no way kiddie or unassuming nor was a voluminous duster coat in the same shade. Also of interest, was the offhanded, haphazard way that some pieces, mostly in rich hues of washed Satin were awkwardly, but brilliantly sewn together, like an a liquid slip dress in a saturated Lapis Blue in which the hem was sewn in different configurations, creating an undulating effect. 

Cagalj has an agile and fully unique mind, one that promises great things. This collection, while very much a Curve ball, practically radiated Charm and Insouciance! Couple that with the pieces that will easily translate to the Ports 1961 customer and you have the makings of something to keep one's eye firmly affixed upon. I know mine is! 

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