Saturday, September 24, 2016

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/11/2015.

Indian/Safari. That's the twin inspiré of Alberta Ferretti's Gorgeous, yet, overdone Resort 2016 collection. She could have done without about a quarter of the collection and it would have been sufficiently full and exciting still. But, at times too much of a good thing can be wonderful and it's not as if the surplus detracted, it just muddied the waters, instead of being Pristine and Aegean, they were more like the old Mississippi! 

India, or Idonesia or Thailand or Bhutan, wherever in Asia it was that captivated Ferretti, was the biggest and most obvious source of design impetus, with floaty skirts and sari/sarong styling aplenty, Raja inspired jackets and vests, plus intricate prints and patterns kept things lively in the South Eastern  Asian manner throughout. About a little more than a third through, Ferretti switched gears and off to Africa we were on a Khaki coloured Safari! Where previously, not one surface was left untouched of embellishment or print, in this passage, the clothes were austerely stripped of all superfluous detail and acted as a refreshing foil to what had preceded them.

After this brief sojourn to the Dark Continent, Ferretti was back at home and finished with Black and White and was firmly in her comfort zone with Lacy, Filmy and Breezy offerings to capture her core clientele. There were some Asian inflections in the last few looks, but even these were still more Italianate in their language than full on Eastern. Ferretti offered much for her woman to consider and digest, and in the end, it was all pretty fantastic, that it had a aura of incongruity mattered little to nothing... When the clothes speak with such a beautiful voice, as these did, hiccups like that can easily be brushed aside!

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