Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Christopher Kane Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/12/2015.

As with any Christopher Kane collection, there was an awful lot to digest in his rather well-done Resort 2016 collection. One could say there was a lot of... "Heart" in it (Ok. Shoot me now for the Pun!) Kane took the Heart Motif... TO HEART (Someone Stop me!) and ran with it in a collection that again, was glutted with a surplus of ideas and needed a serious and sharp edit, but of what was shown, there were many stand alone pieces that made the effort worthwhile. While there was Tweed and Lace and Lace prints, and Pleats, and Hearts, and Molecular prints and More and More and MORE... Individual pieces offered some sure fashion Joy!

Take, for instance, the Lilac pleated silk and Lace gown intersected with a Nude-y Makeup Beige and refreshingly cool Mint Ice Cream Green lace, Fantastical! The Dark, DARK Grey Tweed pantsuit closed with a Single Heart Button was stellar as well, even more so for the fact that from a distance, it looked like a Speckled Tweed, but upon closer investigation, was actually little Dots of Color embroidered into the fabric. And it was proven beyond any Shadow of Doubt, that when Kane takes a Reductionist view and leaves all the fiddling and experimenting alone and JUST DOES SOMETHING SIMPLE, he can be Stunning, as in the simplest of Black shirts worn open revealing a Heart-Shaped Bra and a Slit skirt in Cardinal Red that had a little Heart at the top of that slit. It looked Sexy and Devastatingly Chic, Even a little naughty!

Kane has to subdue his instincts to try and do every idea that comes into his head in a season at once, It just becomes too taxing and muddied when he throws all his ideas against the wall at one time and hoping they all stick. Sometimes there is Magic in those ideas, but most often, It's just a lot of shit sticking to a wall! Edit, My Dear Christopher.... EDIT!

That's All.


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