Friday, September 9, 2016

Missoni Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/10/2015.

In one of her best efforts to be seen in some while, Angela Missoni hit the colloquial "Home Run" with her Resort 2016 collection for her eponymous label. Citing Sonia Delaunay as a reference for her Patterns and Colours, Missoni presented a Bright, Energetic and Positive lineup of Chic pieces to take on a Sun-Drenched Holiday or to bring the Sun wherever you may show up in wearing these Vibrant and Uplifting clothes. 

It was a Simple formula to follow... Cut excellent pieces that were Fresh and Modern with a little bit of a Vintage-y feel, splash some truly Dazzling and Smile inducing prints on the pieces and then keep everything breezy, easy and light and... Et VoilĂ ! Virtually, Every piece was a visual feast, from beginning to end and back again, Missoni just kept upping the colour combo ante with each step! It was nigh virtuosic in caliber, from the "Stereo Wave" Print on a sharp pair of pants and matching sweater, to a Diagonal stripe pattern that was punctuated by Black and paired with a Black and White stripe top, then on to the MOST Perfect T-Shirt/Shift dress in White with Splashy brushstrokes of colour! Missoni nailed it effortlessly each and every time!

There were more combinations of colours and print, almost too many to properly catalogue, and therein the Joyfulness of this collection lay. Missoni was careful to make sure each application and figuration of colour was perfectly calibrated but also exuberant and carefree, within that, each look was studied and spontaneous at the same time! It was a Spectacular and Fabulous feat to achieve, and one that I wish we see more of in the future at the house of Missoni! 

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