Saturday, September 3, 2016

Zero + Maria Cornejo Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/09/2015.

"Resort is the Mistress of all the other collections. It has to fill many beds" was Maria Cornejo's pronouncement about her surprisingly brief 2016 Resort collection. Cornejo is an intellectual and artistically driven designer that also knows the value of wearability and interesting design harmoniously coexisiting. This was a distilling of that idea into a few examples that will serve the purpose of giving a woman options until the Spring collections come into view. 

From an Icy Blue "Pajama" set with a cropped short sleeve top with cropped wide pants kitted out with oversized Two-Way Flap patch pockets, to a Swingy Tri-Colour pebbled Leather coat that will do double or triple duty for Spring, Fall And Winter easily. Also interesting, a Fils-Coupè ensemble in a Funny, Oddball colour combo of Grey, Pink and Violet, with an Off-Shoulder top and pants had a Studio 54/Discotheque feel to it that was decidedly Flirty and Cool and Fun! 

Cornejo didn't push her envelope and had no need to really, the outfits offered here will certainly incorporate into her customers closets and enliven what is already there and offer some new and interesting possibilities of their own. 

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