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Derek Lam Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/10/2015.

Derek Lam Resort 2016.

Inspiration can sprout from some of the most unlikely impetus at times. Count Derek Lam's Resort 2016 inspiration as one of those moments. Citing former Basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the prime jumping-off point of his Resort excursion, offering that, he liked Abdul-Jabbar's long limbs and how elegantly B-Ball players move, gave him the relaxed and languid tone of his Masterful and Excellent collection. Lam also wanted to find a more "Relaxed and Contemporary" attitude for this outing, and that he found and then some.

There were treasures aplenty in Lam's array of pieces, most of them had that Vintage/Retro feel that is kinda become something of a calling card for Lam, his clothes often seem like wardrobe for a rethink of Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm" They are Quirky and a little... Off, but steeped in sophistication and a Grown-Up sensuality that borders on the sexual but never dissolves into trashy. One would even say he's like the Spiritual little brother of Tom Ford. As Ford always states about the 70's, the beauty of the women of those halcyon days, was Touchable, Desirable, Inviting but never Demimonde. Lam's clothes could be described equally as such!

A few examples of Lam's mastery, a Black/White Gingham check Trench was Faultless and had a definite Vibe of vintage about it, while an A-line skirt in stripes of the most Oddball hues was stiched out of panels of Leather and Suede and paired with a Carrot Orange top, seemed made for the Modern envisioning of Jan Brady! And the best, A sublimely elegant palest Pink Opera coat paired with a Black-on-White graphic "Mezzaluna" print, screamed Talitha Getty or even a bit of Bunny Mellon. It was Simply, DIVINO!

Lam is one of those designers who you never feel any anxiety about what he is going to put forth season after season, that in no way means he's boring or stolid, but he has such refined taste, that what he likes to make is always so damn easy and wonderful to wear while being richly saturated with personality and uniqueness. This collection was a perfect recital of all those lovely qualities and makes one eager for the next permutation of Lam's style.

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