Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Costume National Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/09/2015.

Ennio Capasa's Resort 2016 collection for his label, Costume National, was an intrinsically Graphic affair with bold splashes of Red and Ocean Blue thrown into the mix for relief and a deep Honey colour used on some Suede pieces for even more visual relaxation. But by and large, it was Black and White from Fore to Aft. Capasa is a Modernist with a bit of deconstructionist thrown in for good measure, while there was a bit of both, this go round he focused on edgy sportswear that had an air of the intellectual about them, but didn't pay slavish obeisance to it.

The best pieces were the ones that were the least tricked-out, A Chili Red Three-Piece pantsuit was easy to wear and gave presence to whomever was to be draped in it. The same goes for the Vest/Pant ensemble and Pantsuit in a Russian Constructivist style mix of Red, Black and White. both excellently tailored and both Modern and Sharp. There was more to take in, A Red Sequined shift veiled in Black had Goth in it's bones, but was too short and sexy to evoke the abject sense of Misery equated with Goth, so it came off, Marvellously so, as Goth, Lite!

The rest was well done, and there was a lot to covet for Capasa's Clientele. There's really nothing bad one can say about the collection, it hit all the right chords and achieved what it was trying to, handily. It was a Win-Win for all involved!

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