Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cedric Charlier Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/11/2015.

Leaving aside the Tahitian men wearing flower headdress and Sarong that Cedric Charlier saw in a photo and which got his juices flowing for his rather fine Resort 2016 collection, The outfits put forth from the Frenchman were easily translatable from the Exotic stimulus from whence they were wrought forth into easy and above all chic, city clothes destined for locales quite far flung from the paradisiacal isle that inspired them. 

One needn't delve too deeply into the background inspiration of the clothes to see there was something tropical on Charlier's mind, from the Pleasantly Eye-Searing combo of Orange and Cyan Blue to the Sarong styling seen oft hither and dither throught the collection, to the relaxed shapes of much of the pieces. The quirky thing is, the best pieces were the ones that had the littlest obvious impulse of the islands, A Sharp belted pantsuit in Cerulean Blue or the totally essential Spice Orange Suede coat that was the first look. 

Charlier had more to offer, Draped and Drawstring waist pieces, splashy leaf prints, and loads of smart sweaters for any clime, and he had a particularly vibrant palette to entice the consumer to want to vacation in these clothes, and with their relaxed charm, that vacation could be as far as the Pink sand islands of Tahiti that inspired them, or as close as the couch in your living room while bingeing on Netflix! 

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