Monday, September 26, 2016

Milly Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/11/2015.

With mostly Clean, Simple, Modern lines and silhouettes to be seen, Michelle Smith presented a Spot-on Resort 2016 collection for her label Milly. There wasn't much fuss or muss, but plenty to be excited to wear. Uncomplicated was the catchword in pieces like a lean and slim White Pantsuit, given a little punch with Highlighter Yellow Collar and welt pockets. Bright colours were accents to the mainly Black and White collection that was also touched with a soothing shade of Sand Beige, later though, Smith expressed herself a little more extrovertly with a Bright Graphic Stripe and Abstract print that were welcome addition and jolted a little more Vivacity into the outing. 

Near the end of the lookbook, Smith showed a Diamond pattern of solid and sheer that proved to be quite dramatic while still looking beach-y and easy to wear, a rather opulent, swirling Opera Coat in Black was perhaps the best expression of the fabric and looked even more breathtaking for the simple fact that the pieces underneath, a Wide Leg Black pant and a Bra Top were both so minimal. Smith showed how powerfully impactive simple clothes can be when done right. Her Milly Resort 2016 collection was a A+ Dissertation in the appreciation of the lack of the extraneous! 

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