Friday, February 28, 2014

Etro and Iceberg.

Fri. 09/20/2013.

With all the Swirling Paisley and Foulard prints floating about on the Veronica Etro's Family-run Label for Spring 2014, one could be convinced there was something of a Neo-Bohemian Hippy feeling perfuming the air with a thick scent of Patchouli and Incense around Casa Etro! It wouldn't be too far from the truth as Etro gave us a rich and eclectic collection chockablock with clothes for a Modern hippy redolent of the best of the Haight-Ashbury heyday! Lest we think Psychedelica and shapeless layers abound, No! 

There were modern shapes with retro influences like wide leg Pallazzos and swirling skirts. There were more Up-to-date modern influences with the inventive knits and scarf tops and scarf wrap skirts that will easily Intergrate into a Woman's Etro wardrobe with ease. The big thing however, was the extremely confident and deft mixing of prints that just Bedazzled the eye with beauty layered upon beauty in ever inventive ways. That was the major take away message to be found in this Luxe/Boho Mash-Up! 

I fell Hard for Alexis Martial's Debut at Iceberg for Spring 2014. It was Such a Self-Assured collection brimming with Confidence, Spirit and a Marked point of view that any designer needs to make his/her name in this business. Martial combined Sporty, Mod, Fragile and Tough all in a collection dominated by the spirit of one of my dream places on Earth, Tokyo! It had some Boyish Androgyny thrown in that lifted the collection beyond the mundane and everyday. With Helmut Lang in the 90's being a frequently touched upon icon this season, Martial embraced his Oeuvre with brimming Vie! 

Take Exit No. 4 which is just one of the most Breath Stealing outfits this season and it also encompassed the White-On-White Trend so apparent this season, A Sleeveless Vest/Coat with a Sleeveless ribbed tank dress underneath was Astoundingly Ascetic but Overflowing with Minimalist Luxury! Also one of the most Witty things to come out of this season was Martial's use of an Iceberg Decal on some of the pieces that just boggled the mind why it had never been done before at this house! It was not just Tongue-In-Chic... It was Utter BRILLIANCE! 

The collection continued on, Merging the Hard and Soft, The Tough and The Delicate, The Sporty and the Chic from beginning right til the end and made maximum impact of the debut of the new designer at the helm. Iceberg felt Futuristic with no desire to lay any claim to the past or classical elegance. Martial seems to be plotting a Firm Trajectory towards Space-Age Rigour and Chic Toughness that, if he keeps the pedal to the metal and plows full speed ahead with his vision... his name will be on everyone's lips Very Soon! 

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