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Weds. 09/16/2013.

Can one be overwhelmed with an emotional reaction in only 24 Precisely Judged Outfits? The answer is a Resounding and Vociferous, YES!! Stefano Pilati's Return to fashion was a Laid Back, Quiet affair with little fanfare but the most Outstanding Clothes. It was Exquisite! Truly, Fully, Completely! 

Working in Cashmere Mainly, Which is what Agnona is known for, (Small Fact, Agnona is such a High End Cashmere house outside of their own collection, that they provide Cashmere, Wool and Cottons for The Couture Houses) The collection was Brilliantly Conceived and Executed. The Palaka Check Print that was used much in the collection was Rendered in the First Look in a Doubleface Cashmere, Palaka print on the outer side, Milk White on the inner side... Light as Feather and easy as a cardigan... BLISSFUL! 

The Palaka Print Crocodile Jacket of Look No. 6 was an Elaborate and INSANELY Expensive variation on the print. But achieved in such a Offhanded and Casual way as to belie the Outrageous Luxe of the piece also it was paired with another Deliciously Rich fabrication, A pair of shorts cut out of Kid Mohair. Awesome! 

At Look No. 12 that Same Enviably Luxurious Mohair was cut into a Lustful Sleeveless coat with a clean White shirt and Palaka print pants,. One of the most Sensationally Understated Outfits of the season! The collection from here went from one High to another ending in a series of Romaine Crepe Dresses that had that A Modern Edge but were not Intellectually Taxing and easy to Digest and Adapt to more Classical Guise! 

Pilati showed why he was one of the major forces in fashion When he was at the helm of YSL now in his new Position as Creative Director of the Zegna Group, Of which Agnona is a Holding. Agnona's Future is Easily Secured if Pilati can continue on such an Exquisite Trajectory for the House that Cashmere Built! 


That's All!

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