Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Costume National.

Thurs. 09/19/2013.

Costume National.

There was something Deeply Unsettling and Provocative about Ennio Capasa's Costume National collection for Spring 2014. Unsettling and Provocative in a Masterful way. Capasa's collection pushed boundaries in Unique and Tantalizing ways, Experimenting with proportion and drape and cut in subtle yet wholly innovative ways!

There was a Certain Force Majeure to this Brilliant Exercise in as Capasa cited Deconstruction and Reconstruction. Skewing the majority of the outfits towards the Architectural and the results were sometimes a little difficult to swallow but admirable. There was a Sparse, Terse, Clean look to the clothes, a admonishing of all things extraneous left only the Futuristic Sheen of Modernity.

As the collection progressed the level of difficulty mounted and the intensity built. No matter how difficult the clothes became though they kept the abstract feeling throughout and where in some collections the disparate elements would have been too haranguing in less competent hands, Capasa handled all these balls in the air with a Jugglers Expertise!

It was not in any sense a easy collection to digest, and in that lay it's brilliant charms. Sometimes we need someone to propose a new vision of an old idea, In wobbly hands that can lead to just a Discombobulated mess, In Capable hands, as we have seen here for Spring 2014, It can lead to Challenging our conceptions. And when that occurs, The whole of the Industry is the better for it!

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