Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Cavalli.

Thurs. 09/19/2013.

What happens when you Frappe together Punk Plaid, Leonard of Paris Flower prints, A touch of Versace circa 1993 and throw in a touch of Grunge for good measure? A Vibrant Mess of a Miss that was Just Cavalli Spring 2014. 

There were Scarf Prints, Optic Prints, Floral Prints... PRINTS PRINTS AND MORE PRINTS! Throw in plenty of Plaid, a touch of Leopard and super high slits, peekaboo cutouts and Lingerie Black lace and you have something particularly convoluted! Not bad, but Overwrought. A sharper edit would have benefitted the collection greatly, also a little less of a tendency to rely on prodigious mixes of prints would have helped immensely too! 

Last Words. Pretty. Bold. Sexy, but perhaps too much to visually digest all at once. 

That's All.


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