Thursday, February 6, 2014


Weds. 09/18/2014.

I Adore The Caten Brothers, Dean and Dan, and few people in the industry are as big of Showman as these Guys. And That's the Trap of their exhibitionist tendencies, They can focus so much on the theme of it all and forget to create really viable clothes that don't go off on a tangent in relation to the Overall Set Piece! 

That being said, the Tiki Lounge Beach Setting produced as always a Raucous and Brilliant Showpiece but the clothes were dreadfully uneven with only Moderate Highs and some truly Dissatisfying lows. No One loves a good Shoehorning of a Model into a Waist Cinching, Breast Uplifting Bustier than the Catens, and So Do I! But this season the Swimsuit styled 50's Bustier tops over Bikini briefs, where draped and Plain as the opening exit or embellished in later exits... They didn't do really anything in the way of Beautiful-Making for the Tiny Models who looked Wide and Fleshy and not in the good way let alone Imagine what they would do for the women of the real world! 

Also, In their Rhapsodizing on the female form, they also focused way too much on Glamourous Swimwear and everything else lacked commitment. There were some beautiful pieces, A simple White shirt, A pair of Sesame Coloured Croc SHORT Shorts and a Fun Hat at Exit No. 12... Magic. A Blue Croc Caban Coat with White Clamdiggers At Exit No. 14 was also Working for the Children! However, in the End it was not enough to give the collection a backbone. It was Eccentric and Fun, Sure! But Not Wholly Complete. 

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