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Thurs. 09/19/2013.

It's Raining Fendi...? Suggested by the Waterfall background one would have thought The Maestro Karl Lagerfeld was going to be on some Aquatic bent but alas, one can NEVER know the Mind of the mad Genius that is Lagerfeld and he was obviously a Million Miles away from Aquatic. Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini-Fendi were on a different tangent, poaching inspiration from the digital age that we live in, Karl as always Of-The-Minute and it showed in this Futuristic Treatise on Modernity. Carving out layers of Organza and Shaving and Articulating fur into Featherweight constructions that defied all imagining! 

Taking the Stuffiness out of Fur has been the Raison D'etre of the Lagerfeld Reign at Fendi which has spanned some 40+ years! But his Mission De L'Maison for Spring 2014 was to take the Stiffness out of Organza. Mission Accomplished! Lagerfeld began by constructing layers of the previously perceived stiff material in ethereal floaty layers of blocked Ombre colour, shading from Intense Searing shades to cool to White. Beginning with scorching Fuschias and Pinks with a singular Orange interlude and finally into Cool shades of Blue, Gray and then Black. The colour scheme kept everything fresh and focused.

Also, the Technical Cuts of some of the garments bordered Jigsaw Puzzle-like intricacy. The cuts at times offered something of a distraction from the Gorgeous Garments, A bit of the too much of a good thing syndrome, Yet taken in the context of the theme of the collection these pieces afforded one to be witness to the Elaborate Skills of the Fendi Ateliers!

By the latter half of the show, things had simplified outwardly, or so it seemed, and the collection seemed to grow even more desirable with this turn of events. A Black Bubble skirt dress at Exit No. 31 was crafted from squares of shaved Mink and moved with all the lightness of Tulle. Or the Mink Cutouts in a Graphic, Circuit Board-like pattern. One Excellent Standout was a Jigsawed Multicolour coat in the same shaved Mink in Red, Black, Nude and White at Exit No. 39 was a Marvel of Exacting construction.

The Finale was a Trompe L'Oeil Fantasia of Shaved Cut Mink and Nude Tulle and heavy Swarovski Crystals. A Red Textured Shaved patched Mink jacket at Exit No. 46 on sheer Tulle was an Outstanding Exercise in precision, especially paired with the Cutout "Circuit Board" Skirt in White Mink. Or the Chiffon light coat of Nude Tulle and White Mink that followed was Pure MAGIC!

Fendi Never fails to offer A Hundred and One Variations on Fur and Leather (Check the Faux Croc mixed with Real Croc handbags!) and always in Surprising and Magnificently Inventive ways! Karl and Silvia have forged a Winning relationship that has taken Fendi to the Stratosphere of the Amazing. This Collection, was Proof Positive of that simple truth!

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