Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tom Ford.

Mon. 09/16/2013.

It's SO Good to have THE Tom Ford back on the Fashion Calender and Showing why he is such a MAJOR Force to be reckoned with. This Collection was his followup after his SMASHING Comeback Collection that was pretty much derided across the board by critics and yet, was still seen on every Celeb and Fashionista this side of Timbuktu! 

This collection hearkened back to the Ford days of Yore at Gucci, especially, and YSL. There was that ACHING Bitch-Goddess Sexiness Of Gucci with some of that Slithering, Pantheress Loucheness from YSL. Here though Tom was in Warrior Woman Mould... Not a thing we have actually seen Chez Ford... usually his woman is more sexually accessible and available, like he was famous for saying, "Touchable!" Here, She was Encased In the most Sublime Caramel Leather and Croc in the Opening Passage. It was Amazonian in it's Strength and Power! Long Legs on display, Miles of them on Exit No. 2 model Betty Adewole who may be giving Maria Borges a run for Best Legs in the Biz! 

Side Note. Those Ribbed Leather pieces had the rather unintentional look of the bodysuits that they used in the Jennifer Lopez/Vince Vaughn Movie, "The Cell" Not a bad thing. But it did have that feeling! 

Mercifully, and Punishingly, Ford Joyously kept hemlines Miniscule. Watching Exit No. 8 Sashay down the runway gave us a flashback to the Heyday of Gucci. As did the Space Age Modern Super Sleek White Trench in the Exit that followed! 

There were new moments as well for Ford. The Cyborg Woman Encased in Sheaths covered in The most EXACTING Mirror embroideries I have seen EVER! Worn with Vajayjay high Boots, Ford's Amazon looked as much Terminator as Dominatrix! One of the best was Exit No. 27 In a myriad of Multicolour Mirrors looking like a Human Kaleidoscope! 

An Amazing Allusion to YSL on Grace Bol (LOVE!) in a Sable Bolero over a Sheer Tee and Tuxedo Pants In ALL Black at Exit No. 30, had One of Tom's Touchstones, The Great Bianca Jagger, Written ALLLLL Over It! It's Twin in White a few exits later was Just as Mesmerizing! By the time a few exits later, the show was over, One was left Salivating for more, but like any Great Pusher... and OH BY GOD Is Tom Ford a Pusher, He gave you only a Hit of the Drug! You have to sell your soul to him to get more, And providing such Rushes (Gucci, Rush... See what I did there...?!?!?!) I Say Sign on the Line and make Like Faust and Mephistopheles! Just Tap The Vein Now! 

That's All.


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