Monday, February 3, 2014

Christopher Kane.

Mon. 09/16/2013.

What can I say? The Critics loved this show. I, Did not. It had Highs and It had Lows and the Lows outweighed the Highs Disproportionately! I can't for the life of me see what all the fuss is about. Starting with an Idea of "Sterilized Petals" in Curved Teardrop cutouts, the trope grew tiresome, REAL QUICK! By the 5th or 6th iteration it was already too much. It looked Cheap and Tacky! I know there was some interestingly difficult construction there, but Kane's tendency towards the Pedestrian makes his clothes look Tawdry and Unsophisticated. And for Spring 2014 they looked more downmarket than ever! 

First Off... Kane needs to SERIOUSLY Refine his Cutting and Fitting Skills or Shoot his Premier D'Atelier! Because the fit and cut on most of these outfits were GOD AWFUL and  made many of the Super Slender Models look Lumpy and Misshapen! And next, Better Fabrics. Even if they were High End, which they didn't look like they were, he treated them to look so Offensively Meretricious that it sank the collection like a sack full of stones! I refuse to talk about those Atrocities that were the footwear!

The collection seemed to flit between Complex and hopelessly Matronly. Granny Dressing with no youth edge to it. And then it Devolved into Maladroit Draping and Swagging of fabrics which served no purpose than to make already Tragic clothes more Tragic! It ended on an even more Curiously Misguided notion with blown up flowers and textbook illustrations that again, Dumbfounded. 

I am not aware of what magic spell Kane has cast on the Fashion Throng, But it's not one that held me in it's thrall. His collection was An error in judgement, Start to End. What can be taken away from this disheveled mess is that Kane has some serious reflecting to do if, In MY Book, he wants to be taken seriously! Because this collection was an Epic Joke! Of The Unfunny Variety! 

That's All.


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