Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Burberry Prorsum.

Mon. 09/16/2013.

Well Played, Mr. Bailey! Christopher Bailey's Spring 2014 Burberry Collection Was a Confection for the eyes as well as the body! And in it's own, Sneakily Subverse way, A bit of a Middle Finger to the rest of the players in the fashion Game this season. Taking a Archly Romantic and Sugary route this season Bailey Zagged whilst almost everyone Zigged! 

The collection was overrun with the most Achingly Delicious COLOUR! Seafoam and Glacier Blue in the Opening Exit, Deep Primrose Pink in the next, Frost Blue, Lilac, Dawn Pink, Periwinkle, And More, More More! With an eye to that most Feminine of Materials, Lace, Bailey Hiked up the Lady Quotient and gave her a Sickly Perverse edge with Granny Panties on display through all that unlined sheer lace, AND, In doing so, Made The look ACTUALLY Viable. How he managed it, That's something only the Gods can answer. 

The Lace Dress/Coat at Exit No. 5 was one of those pieces that was destined for Instant Sell Out and Wait Listing, with it's Trench Details it honored the Burberry House Codes and shredded them to bits at the same time! In the midst of such Lightness and sheerness, Bailey Juxtaposed Thick, Hefty Coats and Jackets against all the Delicacy and Hit on a winning formula to render all that Transparency Palatable! 

As much as one would think one need go on about the collection, That's pretty much the Long and Short of it. In the finale, Bailey got all Gaudy (in the best sense) with some Outrageous Geegaw Embroideries, the best on Edie Campbell in Exit No. 45 which just was Soooo Over the top that it induced a kind or mirthful giddiness! 

Bailey Struck Gold here in one of the most fascinating outings in his time at the house. It was so Blatantly Defiant in that Cheeky British way that it actually came off as Brilliant! No one could have seen this coming and it only makes one's appetite whet even more to see what comes next!

That's All.


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