Saturday, February 1, 2014

Matthew Williamson.

Sun. 09/15/2013.

Matthew Williamson spoke of "Maturing" and that his Core Clientele Girls are "Growing Up" well Even if she is, she has that Wild-Child streak still in her. She may be sublimating it because she now may have a Husband, Some Kids, not living off of Daddy's Money anymore... but she still is the women who takes Ibiza, Ipanema and India (Specifically Goa!) with here wherever she goes! Hothouse Colours, Embellished Day wear, Some Boho Accessories! She may be Grown up, But She ain't DEAD! 

To that end, The clothes wafted less and were constructed more and and felt more polished. It even opened with a Well-Appointed Pantsuit, It may have been in the most Blazing shade of Coral Seen in a long time, but again, Williamson's woman is no Shrinking Violet!  She also loves her Embroidery, Exit No. 3 paired a Simple Coral Blouse with a Amphora shape skirt in Varying degrees of Pink, Lavishly encrusted with Beads and Small Flowers. Quite Magical! Exit No. 10 was also Generously Smothered in Embroidery in the form of a Ladylike belted Dress in Lace with White Flowers affixed! 

From there on out the collection moved from Uptown to Beach and Back again. Alighting finally onto a Dragonfly Print section that led to the Beautiful Final exits. One, Exit No. 33 was so Devastatingly beautiful that it could have doubled as a Wedding gown. In The Palest Mist Grey and gently gilded with White embroidery it was Sophisticated and Glamourous and Sublime! 

Matthew Williamson has done some growing himself and his collection has reaped the benefits of such maturing. He has been known too long for his Party Girl attire and now that same girl has become a Woman... But like all the best party girls, And Williamson himself, There's Always A Party in your Heart! 

That's All.


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