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Mon. 09/16/2013.

Erdem Moralioglu Lives in a Fantastical World. One where Flights of Fancy and Jetes of the Creative Are par for the course. For Spring 2014 Many, even Erdem himself said the collection reflected something "Ghostly" and that his woman was "A Shadow" some even described the collection as "Melancholy" I have no idea if this was What Mr. Moralioglu was feeling or not, But I personally didn't see the Melancholia in this collection. I DID see Erdem turning towards his Darker instincts and leave behind his more Fanciful Nature. 

There was much invention and Technical wizardry going on here, like the opening exit in White comprised of a Motorcycle/Jean Jacket with a Zip front and a wrap slit long skirt in a glossy crinkly material that was as futuristic as the shapes and cuts were classic. Leaving his Palette in the shadow world of strict Black and White. When these Colours were layered in certain Exits it cast a mysterious Ombre effect especially with the textures and embroideries on the Garments. Take, Par Example, Exit Nos. 4-5 could have seemed to be the same dress, However upon closer inspection were the same motifs down in 2 completely different styles of Embroidery! It was an Exquisitely Genius and Couture Moment! 

This collection was Brimming with a Dark, almost Witchy Magic which gave it so much Depth and Gravitas! The simplest looking outfits were actually BURSTING with Rich Details that needed to be witnessed up close. Exit No. 10 was one of them looking like a textured material that was beaded on the Moto Jacket, it was actually Densely Embroidered with thread and beads and but done in a way as to not look Overwhelmed by It! 

To go into all the prismatic details of Moralioglu's inspiration actually dulls shine of this supremely moving and emotionally full collection. To simply witness and absorb the mastery of Erdem's craft here seen through a Mirror Darkly this season, was to be windswept to an enchanted forest of sorts... Where Angels and Demons Played in the shadows, Hiding and Seeking one another! It is rare for a designer to create such a Complex Play of Feeling and Substance and not have it Devolve into some Academic and Dry Treatise. This was As Much Whimsical as it was ever so slightly Sinister. What an Enthralling Combination That turned out to be! 

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