Monday, February 3, 2014

Antonio Berardi.

Mon. 09/16/2013.

Somehow The Psychedelic Furs and Pictures of a Young Molly Ringwald were brought to mind by this collection of Antonio Berardi which was quite fully of the "Pretty In Pink" Frame of Mind! With all the Pink shades that abounded from the Palest Blush to Deepest Cherry Pink, the collection resonated with the giddiest of all colours but when used in the Sensual and Architectural ways that Berardi used them... The Shades had no Connotations of Girlishness or of the Saccharine Ilk. 

Opening with the most Ideal proposition seen in many a year on the Hi-Lo hemline, Berardi actually made it look viable for the Red Carpet set as well as the Everyday, That being if your everyday consisted of a Personal Driver and Lunch At Le Cirque! Here, Berardi's Deft Hand and Expertise in cut rendered the Hemline Fluid, Liquid and Leggy! Exit No. 4 was a Supreme example of Berardi's Luxurious side rendered sporty with zippers and lavish Crystal Encrustation! 

Another Sublime Exit early on... Exit No. 7 in the form of a Puffed up Motorcycle Jacket turned coat in a Ice Pink Leopard Damask worn with a brief Sugar Almond Pink Zip front dress! From there things began to grow more Complex but still seemed as Natural and Unfettered as could be. The colour blocking of various shades of Pink from Cherry to Coral and Bubblegum were all thrown together in wildly divergent combinations and textures. Soon Black begin to insert itself into the mix. As the show neared It's End there were a few All Black Exits that had the Hautest Hauteur and Gave Great Drama! The Best, Exit No. 39 consisting of a Very Balenciaga Croco Cloque Blouson top and long Fishtail hem Column Skirt... Morticia Adams for the 21st Century! 

When it was all said and done, One was captivated at how Antonio has Honed his craft and become such a recognizable voice in the fashion world where once he was seen as the Brash Upstart that might knock that previous Enfant Terrible, Lee Alex off his Perch and along the way, lost his way while Alex's way Seem to Crystallize in front of him and led him to some of the most amazing work of the New Millennium... Berardi has regained the Promethean spark of Brilliance that Hallmarked his work Oh so many years ago and now is fighting form once more!

Producing Such Masterful collections as this will keep him at the forefront of the Fashion and even though now he may prefer now to speak in a more quiet voice than the loud and brash one of days of old, that voice nonetheless is Deep, Resonant and Powerful! 

That's All.


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