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Fri. 09/20/2013.

MaxMara's sporty, younger cousin SportMax, has begun to in recent seasons, make a distinctive name for itself that doesn't live in the Enormous Shadow of it's bigger, older, more established cousin. As MaxMara itself has begun to transform it's own image for the modern women, SportMax has also done the same, carving out a new identity for itself as more Risky and Edgy and less classical in it's approach. Making a more Modern name for itself has involved taking a path that allows experimentation within the confines of the house codes. This Spring 2014 season has seen that experimenting pay off dividends as the hand of the SportMax Design team has grown more steady.

Confident Arabesques and Pirouettes of artiness were rife in the collection and executed with assured verve. The opening Doubleface Suede coat had a primitive vibe to it that lent a risque air of the Neanderthal to the Louche Slip dress underneath. This was just the prelude to the main attraction and fascination of the SportMax Design team, Polka Dots, which came in Oversize and Humongous! There were Cutouts that intimated at Circular dots or half insets of dots at the sides or hems of dresses... it more artistic than it sounds and gave visual interest to one's eye! 

One extravagant riff on the Oversized Dot motif was a Hi-Lo hem dress on Grace Mahary at Exit No. 27, which inset Huge Satin dots on a floaty trapeze crepe dress, played as easily for a Afternoon at the beach as an weekend evening in the city! As the show galloped towards it's final perorations the dots grew smaller and smaller until they were regular size and were less artistic and more decorous... one of the best iterations was the Tech mesh that was actually open dots and not net mesh,  showed up in two lovely exits, One on Catherine McNeil at Exit No. 41, a Sleeveless mesh overlay on a strapless dress accented with a few Dots here and there and the other on Liu Wen at Exit No. 43, A full fledged evening dress of Black mesh and Nude silk with a solid Black top and Hi-Lo Hem. A STUNNER! 

If this is the direction SportMax is taking for it's future, this is a phenomenal Springboard from whence to jump into Modern fashion. The design team have a firm grasp on the reins of the house, all of it augers well for the future! 

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