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Thurs. 09/19/2013.

You want a Truly Perfectly Crafted and Luxurious Coat... Max Mara are your Go-To Guys! The house has a rich history Cashmere and Camel hair Coats as well as Butter rich leathers... Kinda like a Fendi but with Cashmere instead of Fur! The Technique and Craftsmanship are equal at both houses. Fendi being at the Forefront of New Techniques and Processes for Fur and Max Mara occupying the same sphere except in Ever More Pliant, Lighter and Smoother Cashmeres, Camel Hair, Woolens and Such! 

This Spring 2014 collection was a Grab Bag of Good and Not-So Good things. The mainly Anodyne Neutral palette was refreshing, but in it's repetitiveness, it began to bore the eye, most noticeable for the fact that all the clothes are so Mesmerizingly Minimal! The Interjection of Scorching Hot Colour was an Outstandingly Bracing relief. That aside, the Neutral tones accentuated some of the best pieces in the collection by simply offering no distraction to the Purity of Cut. 

An opening Coat in a splendid shade of Mist Grey was easily one of the most Desirable pieces of the season. The Slip dress underneath was the Luxury Evocation of the 90's staple even in the same 90's minimalist mode but now with Definite Couture Edge. There were ever more neutral Non Colours to follow and some Marvellous pieces wrought from those bare nothing shades. Exit No. 10 was one of those Exquisite denials... A 3-piece Miracle in Flaxen Linen comprising a Topcoat, Shell and slim Skirt! HEAVEN! An ensemble in Quartz pink at Exit No. 16 was also of particular interest being that the colour (or lack thereof) was so Bewitching! 

Yet, Before we had even reached 20 Exits, the Rainbow exploded on the Runway... Amythest, Sapphire, Tomato, Spearmint... It was a Brief Passage, But effective! Then it was on to Mineral and Rock Shades... All still rendered in the utmost of restraint! A wide sleeve Caban at Exit No. 28 in a Soothing shade of Steel Blue was paired with a dress in a delicate shade of Smoke Blue. 

After a interlude of Black, Hematite and Anthracite we were back firmly on Planet Nothing. The show moved on flawlessly to the end and we were left with an impression of Easy Breeziness and Langour. All those Minimal shades will lend to blending into a woman's already full wardrobe and give them a breath of Fresh Air in the process! 

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