Thursday, February 6, 2014


Weds. 09/18/2013.


Erte, Kimonos, Arte Nouveau, Basketball Shorts, Athletic Mesh and Track Pants... Now that's a Recipe for Absolute Disaster no matter how you slice it! Unless.... You're Frida Damn Giannini! This Tiny Italian Powerhouse Whirred all these Diverse elements together in the Blender and gave us the most Sensual and Delicious Fashion Smoothie!

Spring 2014 was A Glorious About-Face for Giannini and Gucci. After the Sensational Ruffle Extravaganza of Spring '13 and then Last Season's Weak Showing, This was a return to fighting form! Unexpected, Challenging and Such a Departure for the house that it was an Eye-Opening experience!

Starting with Sporty and Nouveau elements as inspiration, Giannini went Luxe Casual in the most Luxe Way! Erte insprired embellished Basketball Shorts on the bottom were the essence of Glam Sport and even thought the top in Mesh seemed like an Athletic Afterthought with no eye to the Rich, NOPE! It's in Laser Perforated Suede! There's Your Luxe Factor!

Continuing, The Sport Kimono! It had as much influence of Kimono as it did of a Karate Gi! Here, appeared the Track pants. Yes, It worked! Exit No. 12 was a Killer Kimono sleeve Caftan dress cut shorter and sassier and elevated to Iconic status on The Lithe Mega Goddess Joan Smalls. It's Erte/Nouveau Swirls and Whorls punctuating the Sexy Casual Nature of the dress with an Artistic Edge!

It's an exercise in the unnecessary to dissect numerous outfits... No! it sufficient enough to say that Giannini Packed one Wallop of a Punch with this Edgy, Risky yet ultimately Marvellous Collection from the house of Gucci that Built! It was Perhaps one of the best showings of the season, Bar None!

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