Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ports 1961.

Thurs. 09/19/2013.

For Spring 2014 Fiona Cibani struck the Perfect Balance between the Structured and Languid that was not only Masterful, It was Deftly Assured. The collection was a brief and exquisite exercise in Delicacy and Strength with an elegant Bohemian Edge thrown in. 

A focused palette of primarily White was the base for interaction with soft muted colour from a Powdery Deep Rose to a Soft Porcelain Blue and later a Ochre and Sun Yellow print gave a Pop to the latter half of the show that was just what was needed to give some dimension and interest to this already stellar collection. 

The opening was one of the Wittiest takes on Suit Dressing I have seen in a very long time, A deconstruction of the highest order. A Generous and Expertly tailored Single-Breasted Blazer paired with a Crisp White Shirt and nothing else. Talk about turning the conventional on it's ear! It was all the more Brilliant because it was actually Viably wearable in this incarnation. Exit No. 7 brought in the Bohemian vibe with a Arty Pleated Circle skirt and wrap top in White was a Winner on Multiple levels.

Exit No. 13 was also Deeply Appreciable in Porcelain Blue with a Kimono neckline short coat and flippy skirt with a White button-up. Sporty and Classic! Exit No. 21 had tons going for it as well in the simplest of ideas executed in a offhanded luxurious way, a super pale Periwinkle Blue T-shirt dress (A seemingly Inescapable trend this season) Smothered in Nouveau style embroidered flowers paired over another Shirttail hem dress. It had a Whimsical and Casual allure that could cast it for day or evening! 

One of the best coats of the season was the abbreviated Camel Peacoat paired with Bermudas at Exit No. 24, Chic and Sturdy while still being Current. The show ended in all Black on Joan Smalls and had a Boho quality to it's evening attitude that was equally Gothic and Modern in it's more Luxe/Casual approach. 

Cibani proposal for the Spring 2014 Ports 1961 Woman is a Study in Modern, Sporty Boho that flies a few Light Years ahead of the pack for it's concision of message and economy of thought. Those elements coalesced magically into a concentrated essence of what Spring dressing should be about, Ease, Comfort and Elegance. Plus a Dash of Quirk! 

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