Monday, February 10, 2014

No. 21.

Weds. 09/18/2013.

No. 21.

To Say that Alessandro Dell'Acqua's No. 21 Collection was Bewildering in the utmost would be an Exercise in Extreme Understatement.  It was a Sheer, Beaded mess! And what with the Strange arrangement of ruffles on the sides of the skirts? And those Sheer beaded Skirts? I am At A Loss!

In the midst of this fashion tragedy, some pieces earned their wings, The Navy Blazer paired with the Frost Blue shirt underneath with beading of Jet at the hem was a Strange and Unique Beauty and the Blazer was cut with Immense Finesse and Skill. The simple Luxury of a Nude Snake Coat was an Immaculate Beauty with Utilitarian Details like the snap front was Killing it!

Another Great exit was Exit No. 25, A Rose Pink Cut-out zip front jacket had Instant Appeal and played an old favorite a new hand! But it was just too little to save such a Catastrophic mess of a collection. No. 21 is usually a Collection a woman can go to for Sexy. Slightly Naughty fashion, this time, she is certainly needing to look elsewhere!

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