Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Alexander Wang.

Sat. 09/06/2014.

The Sleekness! The Speed! Hard Core Sport! The Alexander Wang Spring 2015 collection was Everything! Wang's collection had It ALL! From opening with his Version of Modern Business Wear with a Sylph Sleek, Razor Sharp Zip-Front Jacket with Wang's Barcode Signature waistband to a few exits later with the Strappy, Body Loving Dresses designed after Nike Gym Shoes in Bright saturated Colours. Wang traversed Multiple pathways, but as the old saying implying that all roads lead to Rome, All those pathways led back to Wang's Fierce Focus and Steely Vision which brought his show to a Fever Pitch of Perfection! 

Wang started with Athletic Footwear as his Point of Departure, Adidas and Nike being the most obvious of the styles contributing to Wang's Designs. But being the designer that Wang is, This was not just a proposition of Athletics and Footwear, There was Serious Design Devoted to Jackets, Dresses and Especially, PANTS, all at times given touches of the Footwear detailing or designed as Chic Conspirators to the More athletically inclined pieces! This focus on the Athletic also injected a bit of Fembot High Sex into the clothes which was Perfectly conjoined to the Body Emphasizing Feeling of the Presentation! 

Wherever one looked, they found clothes that were the Epitome of Modern Chic. Witness a Wrap waisted Chalk White Jacket with Skinny Cigarette Pants that stole the entire show. Or, The Liquid simplicity of the trio of long Satin Jersey Dresses with Mesh Insets that served as Sportif Evening gowns. This all culminated in a Saucy and Perfectly Calibrated showing of Short little Engineered Multicolour and Black Tennis Style dresses and Revamped, Lean Satin Tuxedo pants paired with Intricately woven tops that looked like they were constructed from Sneaker Shoestrings!

Wang Is in a position to conquer whatever territory he interests himself in with Powerhouse collections like this. He has proven, beyond doubt, that he is one of the New York Power Players. As he continues to top himself season to season, we can look for him to take his rightful position in the Highest levels of the Fashion Hierarchy. Spring 2015 was one of Wang's High Water Marks and should be considered one of the finest of the entire season!

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