Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Public School.

Sun. 09/07/2014.

Restrained Exuberance. Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow indulged in some of that for their "Order Out Of Chaos" Inspired Spring 2015 collection for their Label Public School. Taking advice from High Priestess Anna Wintour, that they must make the move, Seriously, Into Womenswear, the Menswear Duo focused more than half of their Spring Opus on the Feminine with a very strong output of Men's to boot. 

This collection was Obstinately Tricky, Something that in less confident hands, could be ruinous. It was a testament to Osborne and Chow's Skill that they managed to make the Trickery Look Crisp, Fresh and Urban without being Excessive. How they were able to make the tricks look Minimal and Modern, Well, Kudos to them, because some of the Clothes they showed could have easily looked Ridiculous.

The Menswear was a little too Progressive for my personal aesthetic, that doesn't mean that it wasn't Spot-On perfect for what the duo wanted to achieve, but it was really in the Women's clothes were they Shined. A Smart and Savvy focus on Monochrome Black and White gave an Airiness to the opening looks that was welcome and well served by the Minimalistic approach. This was followed by Navy and Grey and Black which was also showing a Vein of Restraint. 

From this point on, Osborne and Chow began experimenting and showed more flourishes in their outfits, An especially Pretty Graphic print in Turquoise and White stood out Wonderfully so. but to put the finest point on it, the best outfits were in Black and White, like the long White Topcoat with the Ocean Wave print blouse and Black Drawstring Trousers, or the Cinch waist top and Flippy Skirt on Betty Adewole That was the best piece in the entire show! 

This being Osborne and Chow's Second Women's Presentation, and being of such Covetous Appeal as it is, The future looks nothing but Fabulous for the Duo of Public School. If they continue on showing Standout Collections in the manner that their first seasons have been... They are poised to be the Next Major Fashion Dynamic Duo! Count On It!

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