Saturday, November 29, 2014

Versus Versace.

Sun. 09/07/2014.

It was the Rebirth of Sexy! Anthony Vaccarello, something of the Crown Prince of Sexy in his own right, landed Squarely on the Shores of Sexified Haute-ness that is known as the Storied House of Versace. Known as the Arbiter of all things Scandalicious and Sexilicious from past Brother Gianni to current Sister Donatella, The Versace name is synonymous with the Language of Sex! Add Anthony Vaccarello to that mix and get ready for the Sex Bomb to Explode!

And Explode it did! All over the Place! With tons of Tits, Ass and Legs. Vaccarello seems uniquely suited to breathing new life into the Versace brand, seeing as his vision Racy Fashion runs Brilliantly parallel to that of the Brand DNA. This was embodied by this collection that Smouldered with the Modern version of what Old Gianni used to serve up so effortlessly and flawlessly. This, As Debuts go, was Perfect from Beginning to End. Vaccarello came to the game Loaded for Bear it would seem, starting out by minimalizing the effort and casting it in exclusively Black, White and Gold, He started with supreme cheek and storied confidence by tweaking and twisting the Versace Icons into new permutations that honored the tradition of the house, but moved them into different Spheres as to not feel as if he was simply regurgitating them.

So, the icons showed up right from the start, Starting with Sleek, Lithe, Black outfits that were touched with the Instantly recognizable Medusa Buttons. The Outfits were Chic and Sensual with out being too sexual... although Malaika Firth's Outfit was showing Plenty of Tits and Leg with it's Sky High mini skirt. This fluidly moved into clothes that were exponentially more Body Revealing! Like the Black Blouson paired with a matching Double side slit Skirt with Gold Buttons that was More Louche than overt but was still Sexy As Fuck! A Gown that came a few steps later with a Plunging Neckline and had the same skirt to it was Quaking with Sexiness! 

Next up was a Play off of the Famous Versace Icon that Elizbeth Hurley infamously and Scandalously Shotgunned into the collective consciousness of the world when she wore Gianni's "Punk" Safety Pin gown from the Spring 1993 collection that had been worn in the Defile by the Lusciously Curvaceous Helena Christensen, here Vaccarello intimated the Pins without actually using them. From there Vaccarello did his own spin on Gianni's famous Rococo prints, but subdued by it being in Black and White, this however did not tame it's Appeal or Beauty, there was also the Greek Key Motif, recalibrated to the contemporary and the Scandalizing Bondage Straps of Spring Atelier 1992/Fall-Winter 1992 Ready-To-Wear. All made Rakish Appearances, but transmuted into the Fabric of what Fashion is now, not what it was!

As Vacarello proved his mettle with this most Accomplished Debut. If this is where Vaccarello is now, in this first Salvo, He has nowhere but The Sun, The Moon And The Stars Ahead of him. Donatella has ensconced it would seem finally, the right man for the job in the Little Sister House to the Big Sister House of Versace. She may actually have a Successor to the Big Label on her hands! Watch Out, World, Versus is BACK! 

That's All.


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