Monday, November 24, 2014

Tracy Reese.

Sun. 09/07/2014.

Breakthrough. That's how I feel that Tracy Reese's Spring 2015 collection felt! Like a Tremendous, Luxurious, Breakthrough. Her show this season was Exquisite! Modern, Edgy, Glamourous and Sportive but with a strong sense of Luxury that was Undeniably Obvious. This was NOT Contemporary, This was Pure Deluxe Sportswear! 

Reese showed a collection that was Eccentrically Beautiful and Opulent in a very Sporty, Of-The-Moment way. The collection was inspired by Her Mother and Aunt who were Dancers and most potently, Martha Graham. This brought the Fluidity and Motion of Dance to the Sweeping and Dramatic scope of the clothes but tempered by a thoroughly Present Tense idea of Wearability and Modernity. These were clothes for the Dancer in real life, but inspired by her moments onstage, translated for offstage purposes. It made for Romance of the most Palpable sort!

Reese began with a Languid and Sensually Fluid opening look of a Black Silk Bathrobe and matching Pants with a Dancer's Leotard which was Powerful in it's Gracefulness as an Arabesque. Reese broke the collection into Three Sections entitling the First Section Discipline, which embodied the Dancer in her down time, How she comes to the studio and how she looks when she leaves... Fluid Shapes and Coats, Full swirling skirts, this was the strongest section of the show mainly because of it's Minimal approach. A Lemon Chiffon Yellow Cardigan paired with a Blush Leotard and Matching Organza skirt stood out beautifully in this section!

Section Two was titled Craft, and this was much more Extrovert and Playful, reverting more to Reese's usual Sensibilities, done though in a far more Charming manner. The Mix was more Sophisticated than ever, even if it was far more Ecstatic in it's outward look in Lavish Tropical Prints, Sequins and Embroideries, Leopard prints, Vibrant Colours and More! It was at times, Deliciously Cacophonous, Somehow though, Reese managed to exert steely control.

The Final pages of this Symphony of Ravishing Fashion saw Reese insert a Valentino Sensibility into the clothes which were rife with Naif Romance and Sweeping Grandeur. Lavish fabrications and Girlish Embroideries gave this section a Sophisticated, yet Gay edge that was full of Strong mixes of Colour, Material and Shape. This section brought the show to a Confident clothes and took the Dancer Idea from Blatant to Exquisitely Subtle and proved that Reese has moved into a new phase of her work that is benefiting her in an Amazing Manner! More, Please! 

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