Thursday, November 27, 2014

Opening Ceremony.

Sun. 09/07/2014.

Creating contemporaneous fashion that has a patently Futuristic bent about it and still does not look like a Artifact from the Past on how Future fashion would look is quite the task, Indeed. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim for their brand Opening Ceremony, were perhaps not gripped with such an idea but it is exactly what they accomplished, Quite Handily, In fact. The first part of the Equation... The Setting for their Spring 2015 show.

They commissioned a One-Night Only Play, Shown on the Stage of the Met Opera, Written by Jonah Hill and Directed by Spike Jonze called "100% Pure Cotton" and as much as the idea of those Two people being involved in ANYTHING is enough to make one retch, The clothes being provided for this little piece of "Theater" were Quite Fetching. Lim and Leon Invigorated Sportswear Basics with Fresh Vitality by focusing on interesting Accents and surprising cuts that Amplified the appeal immensely. 

Relying on the crutch though of a "Play" with actors ranging from the Luminously Beautiful Elle Fanning, Provocateur John Cameron Mitchell of "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" Fame, Character Actor powerhouse Bobby Cannevale, and The always Deliciously Acerbic Catherine Keener may have been a tip too much over into the arena of The Silly. It in the end was a Peculiar, and from the reaction of the Fashion Crowd at Large, Mostly Successful card for the duo to play, though the true stars turned out to be the clothes. 

Those Clothes, From Slot Like metal Grommets adorning pieces to the Curved cuts and Asymmetry, or just the Bold addition of a Black bar of fabric across a Sharp cut White day dress, were Crisp and Sporty, and looked Forward, in a Riveting way. The Instant Appeal of a Cherry Pink Neoprene Snap-Front jacket with Black Culotte shorts was Palpably Tangible. Leon and Lim proved, with ample skill, that even sometimes a Pretentious Idea (the "Play") can get in the way of things, if you Provide the Goods when it comes down to the clothes, They Will Win the Day. And Win, They Did! 

That's All.


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