Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Sun. 09/07/2014.

What is in Thakoon Panichgul's Mind? His last few collections have been thoroughly Incomprehensible. They have been Tragically miscalculated adventures into the realm of Baffling! Spring 2015 was no less Perplexing an affair. Panichgul's collection teetered on the edges of Sensual Languidness to Awkward Clumsiness with surprising fleetness. One moment, Liquid Femininity, another moment, Clunky Dishevelment. Had Panichgul decided which Plan of attack to stick to and commit the collection would not have veered off into such unevenness, However, he tried to serve two different Masters and Failed them both. 

Arcing from Fluid Pajama Silks to Insipid Leaf prints and clouded over with a Dismally Unappealing colour palette of Deep Cranberry and Marine Blue to an Awkwardly Eye-Searing shade of Electric Turquoise, Panichgul charted a course on Fashion Seas that had a few Crests and lots of Troughs. One of those troughs was the Perfectly ridiculous fringe that was shagged over the striped pieces and looked more silly than what one thinks Panichgul was going for. Then there were the Polka Dots and Flamenco Ruffles... 

By the end, the onlooker was begging for a Sanity Refreshing moment of Calm from all the slightly imbalanced going's on. Not that there were no points where Panichgul did not present clothes that were overly contrived, Indeed not, but those were, Sadly, few! A White Trapeze top with Pleated Peplum over a Polka Dot front split skirt worn over fluid Polka Dot pants in White on Black was Decidely Lovely and Poetic, as was a brief little Pin-Pleated dress with Yellow and Black fringe detail hitting just the right spot. 

Somehow, this collection managed to be Desirable and Off-Putting in equal measure, it wasn't an accomplished effort by any means, though it did have some Greatly Appealing pieces that lifted the collection out of the doldrums just long enough to inspire a Smirk of Joy across one's Visage. Still in All, A Quizzical Offering to be Sure!

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