Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Victoria Beckham.

Sun. 09/07/2014.

Victoria Beckham.

One Miss Victoria Beckham has come a very long way from her first Super Confident, Iper-Feminine Early Days as a Fledgling designer in the NY Fashion Firmament. Where many expected her to be a One-Off Wonder with no hopes of establishing a Business of any kind of Longevity, she has proved beyond all doubt that she is Here, Present and Hyper Focused... and that she's Here To Stay!

Beckham's Spring 2015 collection looked as if though she was channeling "Sporty Spice" rather than her former Spice Girl moniker of "Posh Spice" This was a collection that essentially turned her back on her Bread-And-Butter Foundation of Sublimely Sculpted and Sinewy Evening wear, of which there was absolutely NONE to be found in this collection, And THAT became a Major Stumbling Block. Beckham Focused on a Very Modern, Strict Style this season that had Military and Sportif elements saturated through it's DNA but very Little that was Recognizable Victoria.

It made for a Collection Easy to Process by the Latter-Day Stylista, working it's Sportswear Luxe Vibe to the Nth Degree, but it left one feeling a little... Shall one say... Cheated, that Becks didn't Give us a Little more Shimmy in her Shake this season. She has been focusing recently on Hyped up Deluxe Sporty as her Niche and reaping some Very Positive rewards yet at the same time this has overshadowed her Original Modus Operandi. This makes for an Imbalance and that Beckham is Ignoring what made her label so Desirous!

But in saying that, there was much to Desire for Spring 2015, from a Military-ish Shirt dress early in the proceedings in a Jute Linen to a pair of Coats in Natural and Black that Zipped asymmetrically and looked Great by themselves, but had a Shade of the Awkward about them paired with the Midi length skirts that were underneath. The lengths here too, made for an Ungainly outing in the utmost and dragged down the collection. When Beckham eased back on the "FASHION" element of the collection and let the clothes simply Be and Breathe, She Struck Gold.

Her best Moves were when she paired a Cropped or Abbreviated top with her Long Skirts, A Crisp Black Shirt with a Slit front skirt hit the Bull's Eye as did a LOVELY Rib Knit White "Tank" Dress with a bold Black Stripe at the hem! The Pink/White Floral "Camo" print Pantsuit was a Most Audacious and Surprisingly Modern approach to a piece that can, even in the most assured hands, be boring!

It was a Lot of Good and a good deal of Not So Good that Beckham sauntered forth on her Runway, But, incredibly, it was Nonetheless Compelling and the Winners captivated roundly. One would like to drop a Bug in Vic's ear and let her know, It's ok to still be Glamourous... In fact, in this time of life... We're Needing It! And one thing is for sure, Victoria Beckham has a PHD In Glamourous!

That's All.


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