Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christian Siriano.

Sat. 09/06/2014.

As much as I Truly Adore Christian Siriano, his Spring 2015 Collection just slipped out of his hands and Shattered like the Glass of Artist Sergio Redegalli that inspired him. Siriano's designs suffered under the weight of Overdesign and Mediocrity. This was a Bloated and Frankly, Insipid offering. Much was just Gaudily Unsophisticated. 

Siriano is a Very, Very Talented designer, but he sometimes succumbs to his indulgence to Indulge and his editing ability falls by the wayside. Here, Surely Less, MUCH Less, would have been more. Also, the Haute Quotient was missing and unfortunately a lot of this Misadventure did not look as Expensive as it could, couple that with the Overly Tricky cuts and silhouettes, and things devolved quickly and irretrievably by the mid section of the show. 

It's a little of an exercise in the Unnecessary to go into Lavish detail about the Clunkers, and there were many, but the pieces that did work are up to Par with Siriano's best work and may be some of his most beautiful pieces. A Deep V-Neck White Crepe Gown early in the collection had Immense Sensuality in that Breezy, California, 70's kinda way and amply Impressed, A simple White top and Gigantic Ink Blue Faille skirt was Fresh while still being Ultra Dramatic. 

Before Ending, it must be mentioned, the main Tripping point here and in other Siriano Collections, When he does not FIERCELY Edit himself, His choice of Fabric, Even if they May themselves be expensive, have a Prom Like/Catalog Cheapness of look to them, Par Example, that Shiny Sapphire Lame, or that Multicolour Green Brocade and others, all looked more appropriate to a Chintzy Interior design scheme rather than Couture Quality Clothing. This is something that last Spring he avoided handily, but this season it got the serious best of him! 

In the end, Not at all a collection up to Siriano's level of Skill and Facility.

That's All.


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