Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jill Stuart.

Sat, 09/06/2014.

Jill Stuart.

Jill Stuart occupies a very delicate position in the Fashion Hierarchy. Her clothes are neither occupying the High-End racks of the Department Store. nor are they exactly in the Junior Section. They fall into that Foggy and Overloaded Area known as "Contemporary" This brings up a rather interesting question as well as a Dilemma... Owing that Stuart's Sweet spot is firmly rooted in the, Shall we say, Youthful arena, is it really a necessity for her to show a Full-On collection when there are dozens of other retailers and yes, Designers, doing much the same as she? This collection for Spring 2015 poured more fuel on the fire that it is becoming increasingly less necessary for Stuart and Many other "Contemporary" Designers to show during NY Fashion week when all they present looks like it was done In-House at a Major Retailer.

This is nothing more than Idle Debate really, for its the clothes that matter. And sadly, Stuart's 70's Style "Ice Storm" Pieces did little to raise the Pulse to the point beyond a Murmur! The main Problem, there wasn't much here that looked like any sort of New take on the 70's Inspiration. It felt, in all honesty, like a rehash, and not a very good one. Of course, there were interesting pieces here and there, but when all was said and done, nothing was Memorable or Pushing Boundaries. The added insult was that the clothes fell into that Mainstream Trap at full Velocity and were impossible to salvage from that stumbling block on.

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