Saturday, November 8, 2014

Herve Leger By Max Azria.

Sat. 09/06/2014.

Joyous Colours and Japonica Kimono Prints added a bit of lively lift and pizzazz to an otherwise unconvincing and pretty mundane effort from the Husband and Wife team of Max and Lubov Azria. The Kimono Sleeve and Samurai Armor effects only added a Small amount of interest to the otherwise Business as usual affair of Slinky, Painted-On Bandage-Style dresses the house is known for. To be honest, The duo do know how to Work a Wiggle for all it's worth, but it's just become all to Familiar and Badly executed to matter.

The Azria's Provided some new treatments via Faux Corset lacing and Some Tie-Dye printing, which did sauce things up a tad yet, somehow it wasn't enough to provide a sense of Exhilaration. Evening was more Successful with Lacing effects on a series of dresses than some elaborate studding and beading on the Final Passage and they had a rather cunningly Stylish and Sexy bent to them. However, That didn't provide enough fire to heat this collection to anything more than Lukewarm. It was a Good Effort, but one that was a familiar presentation from the Azria's!

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