Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rebecca Taylor.

Sat. 09/06/2014.

Rebecca Taylor.

Did Rebecca Taylor produce a Groundbreaking and Stunning Show for Spring 2015. Did she push any Envelopes or Break any Barriers? No. She did produce a Fresh, Lively, Somewhat uneven, But nonetheless Delightful Collection. Taylor was looking to give her woman Colour and Beauty for Spring and encompass a Fragile, Delicate Beauty. She achieved that handily with sometimes a little heavy handedness on certain Ideas and Motifs.

The standout pieces were when Taylor Juxtaposed Strong Tailoring against Softer, more Ethereal pieces. For Example... A Quartz Pink tailored Wrap Jacket with slashes revealing a Print material underneath paired with a Wisp of a Pale Orchid Crystal Pleated Skirt. Also in Evidence, A China Blue coat worn over a heavily adorned Cream coloured dress underneath. There were less successful pieces, but they were easily forgotten.

Taylor isn't going to set the world ablaze with her collection this Spring, but her Handle on Feminine, Fresh and Fanciful Frippery is Formidable. That will make her collections always a Sure and Easy winner. Spring 2015 wasn't Free of Flaws, but it was a Pretty Journey nonetheless!

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