Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Prabal Gurung.

Sat. 09/06/2014.

How do I write a review of this collection that doesn't sound like some Vitriolic Outpouring of Bile and Venom? It's a matter perhaps of separating one's Emotional Attachment from one's Objective Detachment. On the one hand... My Visceral Reaction to this collection was an admixture of Bedeviling Hatred for the Farce that Gurung had the Temerity to even insinuate was Clothing and Stupefying Awe that he had the lack of Sense And/Or Taste to send such Inconceivably Repellent clothes down the catwalk. 

On that Shaky, Insecure other hand, One has to view this perhaps as an experiment and look at this with an unbiased Mind and Eye and TRY to find the good in the midst of such Atrociousness. Trekking back up that same Himalayan Mountain that he Soujourned up for Fall and this excursion yielded no more better results than that last Voyage. It couldn't have been much worse than last season, but it came Dangerously close. Gurung proclaimed that this collection was about the same woman as last season, but now she's making her trek up the Mountain in the Spring, when the snow is melted and the Ground is just starting to Green. As Romantic and Lovely a Notion as that seems, the clothes were a clumsy and odd juxtaposition to such a Flowery description.

When Gurung Reigned in his Tendencies to Over-Exaggerate, things seemed to have been a little safer and approachable, But all too often, he couldn't help piling on the extras without any editing or regard for anything other than his own Exuberance. And that made the Collage effect pieces and Undeniably Awkward angular cuts and hemlines... Where Gurung meant, it would seem, these to be Spontaneous and Artistic, they simply looked Drop Dead Hideous and Artless. The only true respite was the Trio of Gloriously Fluid and Bracingly New looking Evening gowns that ended the show, The one in Black and Pink hit the highest notes and would look Great in any City in the World come this Spring. 

Gurung has Immense Talent, as witnessed by his Wiggle-A-Palooza of Spring 2014, Why he has deviated from the path that he was following with that collection and did this Diametric turn towards the Profoundly Overdone work that he has produced with these last couple of collections Astonishes the Mind. Hopefully, his love of his Himalayan Homeland will engender a Better Outing for Fall 2015 if he finds inspiration there again, or hopefully he can Trudge down the Mountain and find his way back to Civilization and back to Beautiful Clothes!

That's All.


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