Monday, November 10, 2014


Sat. 09/06/2014.

Amy Smilovic wanted to Counterpoint Japan by way of Peru in her Mostly Unsuccessful, Yet somewhat interesting Spring 2015 Tibi Collection. The Motivation was Unique, the Handling was what got Gawky and Clunky. It was a particularly odd pairing, one that in more nimble hands would have reaped perhaps richer rewards, Yet in this iteration, erred more on the Clumsy side. Not to say there were not moments when all the Cosmos aligned and the clothes fell into place.

The Quilting on the opening passage looks had the effect of Japanese Armor and added some Exotic element that the mainly Black, Navy, White and Grey Helped keep from looking costumey. The proportions though, are what weighed this collection down the most. Smilovic's Cuts many times made the even Reed-Thin models look Wide and Boxy and That's Never a Good Thing! 

When Smilovic restrained herself and let Simplicity be her guide, she was in the presence of her best design self. A Little Navy Crop top with a Billowy Crisp White skirt, A White Poplin Dance Dress with a sash waist, A Macrame Lace Tunic with a Navy Blue skirt... all these were Fantastic Examples of Smilovic working her Minimalist Oeuvre to it's best. There were other examples, as were examples of her wayward hand with Cut and Shape. 

Smilovic is usually more keen on being less Esoteric. Bravo to her for stepping outside her Familiar Safety Zone, Though it didn't manage to provide a platform for excellence. Smilovic's Tibi collections are always a little on the uneven side, this just happened to be one of the more Lopsided Exercises.

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