Monday, November 24, 2014

Porsche Design.

Sun. 09/07/2014.

Porsche Design is poised to become the next Big Luxury Fashion Label with Innovative, Experimentally influenced Sportswear done in Expensive, Desirable fabrics and with a Futuristic, Tech flavoured bent to them. Thomas Steinbrueck has a Stunning Grasp on the DNA of this brand and is producing Extremely Directional and Forward Sportswear for the house. Steinbrueck's Spring 2015 treatise sees him pushing the boundaries ever forward and expanding his vocabulary in Great leaps.

Taking Futurism and Japanese minimalism cross-pollinated with A Languid, Bohemian Ease, Steinbrueck's collection was Intensely Compelling, but flawed. There was a bit too much experimentation that did not pay off and some very Awkward, and dare one say, Unflattering cuts to some of the clothes. Steinbrueck called this interesting admixture "Zentech" Which was Frighteningly On Point! 

Keeping with the idea of Minimalism, the palette was restricted to Navy, Black, White, and Tan with touches of Butterscotch, Tobacco, Celadon and other Neutral tones as counterbalance. Incorporate a Daring and Artful Architectural Sensuality of Cut and Drape to the mix and the collection was Light Years ahead of it's contemporaries. The Sculptural opening Wrap dress was a thing of Incalculable Beauty and worked the Future/Classic vibe Marvellously. In all Honesty... there was far too many Incredible pieces here to make a full account of without lapsing into the Prolix, Steinbrueck's Prodigious Ability was altogether apparent here. 

The best part about the collection was when Steinbrueck kept things Reductive, showing how Artful Simplicity can reap the richest benefits. A Stone Grey blouse and fluid wide Suede Trousers were Thoughtful of the Modern Woman's need for Classic clothes with Intricate details. An angular Paper White draped dress was Sensuously swathed around the contours of the body. Also of Incredible Appeal, A Kimono Neck wrap dress with a Built-In Obi in Midnight Blue Shot Charcoal was EXQUISITE! A Super Supple Mineral Grey Suede Drapee Dress was another Clear Winner! 

This was just but a sampling of Brilliance amongst the throng of Stellar pieces, Even with the more Clunky pieces, Steinbrueck presented an Intellectually Stimulating and frankly, Provocative collection that strove to push the Boundaries of Artistic Sportswear and easily won the day doing so. Porsche Design has a Very Strong Future with Steinbrueck at the wheel (Pardon the Pun) and stands at the precipice of being the next Major Deluxe Sportswear Brand. 

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