Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg.

Sun. 09/07/2014.

The Cote D'Azur is an endless font of inspiration to sip from greedily. It provides SO much fodder for so many from Madamoiselle herself to Michael Kors and everyone in between. But ONLY can the Feminine Wildfire Force that is DVF (Do we REALLY need to qualify what those initials stand for at this point in time?) can extract what the REAL, TRUE Essence of what the "Cote D'Azur" in it's Epoque D'Or was like the Fascinating Firebrand of a woman that is DVF. Not only Did she live the life, She witnessed most of the best times of the Mythical age of the place. 

However, Knowing the past in no way means being obeisant to it, and DVF is not a Woman to live in anyone's past, least of all... Her Own! She is a resolute forward looking kinda Fierce Female, so even though there was a Tinge of the Great Heyday of the Blue Coast, von Furstenberg stayed true to her vision of the Modern Woman. This was made manifest by a Joyously Unparalleled celebration of Fun, Flirtatious, Confident Femininity! This collection was surely one of DVF's most Animated and Exultant collections to date! The overarching component of this collection was that it was almost entirely composed of Black and White... pretty much from Stem to Stern. 

That element of Monochrome Grounded the collection and kept it from being a Homage to a Bygone past and Contemporized it into the fabric of the life of a Woman of Today. She addressed the always present Elephant in the DVF room with Aplomb, and a good deal of Sauciness, her Evergreen staple.. the Wrap Dress. In Black and White Gingham (which was to be seen as a Through-Line of the whole show) that was a Flirtatious combo of Jersey and Chiffon made to Seduce rather than Inflame! A good Quarter of the show was in this colour choice and gave a Spine to many looks that could be seen as too Flouncy and perhaps, Saccharine.

A focus on the Bust was outwardly apparent, but a certain Flavour of Southern Europe radiated from Von Furstenberg's choice of Prints, which this season relied basically on Elegant, Wallpaper-y Florals and a Toile pattern that was especially Powerful in a Coat on Julia Nobis in Black and White. Also, an Artistic "Leaf" print in Marine Blue that had a Certain Matisse feeling to it, Looked Smashing. DVF showed her Strongest self in this Magnificent collection that was so Spellbindingly Upbeat, even the Models were Grinning and Smiling like Giddy School girls! Ms. Von Furstenberg is Undisputedly the First Lady of Seventh Avenue and is Flexing her muscle with more strength than ever before and it would seem in this later stage of her life... hitting her stride. With results like this on display, She has more than One Act left in the Smash Hit Story that is her Life, in which she is Undoubtedly, The Star! 

That's All.


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