Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Fri. 09/05/2014.

Even Good Designers have Bad days. Usually, one to count on to make an at the very least, memorable effort, Max Osterweiss and Erin Beatty came through with a Confusing Mishegas that had so few points of Satisfaction that the collection felt terminally sunk in the Muck of it's own Underwhelming-ness and Disconcerting-ness! 

The Delightfully Energizing Multicolour Rainbow stripes were potently positive, but were nowhere near as Refreshing as the Polished Baby Blue Trench coat and Crop pants on Beauty Manon Leloup! In fact, as nice as those Stripes were, had Osterweis and Beatty focused more on the Polish and less on the Exotic. the collection would have benefited greatly from it. A sharper focus on Proportion would have also given a better Patina to the Show.

This though doesn't deny that when they Duo hit the High Notes, they hit them with Clarion Precision. A Hoodie Popover worn over a Ticking Stripe shirt and shorts, A swingy Dotted Navy Blue Tank Dress, these stood out strongly because of their Purity and not laden down with excesses. The rest of the collection was severely Hit or Miss and proved to be one of Beatty and Osterweis's less Well-Managed outings. 

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