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Sat. 09/06/2014.

Eroticism is a Tough card to play in a Winning Hand with High Fashion. It can slip off that line between Simmering and Sluttish with surprising Ease. Especially if one is trying to portray a sense of Sensual Eroticism and not Sexual. Joseph Altuzarra Hit perhaps the Highest point in his Career so far with his Spring 2015 Collection that Captured the Mood of Sublimated Sex Aching for Release. That feeling of a Tigress Itching to Burst forth from her Cage and Man Eat her way to Satiation was Palpably Omnipresent! 

Altuzarra Suppressed his Woman's Ripe and Fertile Sexualness but let it peek through in Enticing and Deliciously Covert ways, The Suit with nothing worn under it's Curvaceous Blazer matched with a Skirt that was unbuttoned just a little too high, all this paired with Fetishistic High Strappy heels... This Woman was trying for all she was worth to fit into the "Proper" Mould, but was Failing Miserably, Her sensual underpinnings were straining at her seams threatening to burst out with nigh Explosive force. This Giddy Dichotomy was central to the Inner Workings of this most Gloriously Glowing Ode to the Feminine!

The Schizophrenic Duality at play here yielded a result that was surprisingly Chaste in it's Innocence, which was so unexpected because of the Rawness of the Sensual, Erotic nature that Altuzarra imbued within the construct of Restraint. This was even more so Heightened by the use of Lushly Feminine and almost Frivolously Innocent materials like the Pink Gingham fabrics that opened the show. The Contrariety of the Girlish Gingham and The Iper-Femme Silhouettes that had an almost Fifties Bent to them was what unsettled the Normalcy and made Altuzarra's offerings all the more Unhinged. 

Couple all this with Leggy, Lean, Willowy proportioned pants and Pencil Skirts and you had the makings of a Sex Bomb Opus Magnum. Altuzarra seemed to be conjuring Inspirational Images from Sophia Loren to Rizzo from Grease to a Sexified June Cleaver. He took and twisted the Wasp-Waist Shirt Dress into something altogether and wholly New in French Blue and White Gingham as well as Black and White... this Black/White Motif transformed from Checks into Bold Stripes that were Punctuated by Luxuriously rich looking Saddle Leather, To Balance out all this Monochromatic colour, Altuzarra injected some Nutmeg Suede and showed off more of his Fetishist side with some open Lattice work Leather pieces that were inspired by Renaissance Architecture, 

Altuzarra's Finale was a thing of Utter Romance, Swirling, Lush, Flowing Pearl trimmed gowns in Exquisitely Decadent Materials that ended with Kati Nescher in an Extravagant Gold Brocade Gown that Stole one's Breath! Altuzarra is One of his generations Greatest talents and this collection was an Apotheosis of Feminine Sensuality tempered with the Highest Level of Chicness. Altuzarra seems to keep getting better and better with each collection, One can only imagine what he holds next for us! 

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