Thursday, November 20, 2014


Sun. 09/07/2014.

Spring 2015 proved to be a Daring and Eclectic affair for DKNY and it's designer, Donna Karan. Karan Took an Experimental tack that brought Interesting, though mixed results. It was a Strong showing, Karan noted in her program that the collection was "Multicolored, Multiracial, Multitasking" and in fact named it New York Nation, as if New York was a Continent of it's own. 

With a Variety of Shapes and Colours, Karan brought a Multi-Culti sensibility to the proceedings that often times worked, especially when she let Simplicity be her guide... a Full Skirted Day dress with New Look Proportions, A Pair of Long striped T-Shirt Dresses... A Black dress inset with Rust and White Stripes. Conversely, However, Karan let the Extravagance of her vision get the best of her. Things got Overly Busy, Overly Fast... Full, swirling skirts on top of long tube skirts with a Sweater tunic on top, Clashing Prints in Matchy Matchy colour schemes, Optics with Stripes... and On and On, piled atop one another. It was a Riotous Visual overload, Sometimes it was Fascinating and Refreshing, others, it was Stimulus Congestion! 

Karan would do herself better to keep in touch with the things that make her collection work and desirable, like she did when she so keenly honed in on her own history for her 25th Anniversary Collection last Spring and it was one of her best collections to date, This wasn't a Catastrophe, in fact, it was quite Bold and Interesting, But sometimes Too Much, is just that. Gropius, in this case, was right, Less Is More! 

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