Thursday, July 14, 2016

Adam Lippes Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/01/2015.

While generally, the first things that comes to mind with the mention of Cuba, are Castro and steamy, colourful Latin/Tropical exotica, That wasn't exactly what sprang into Adam Lippes mind when he took inspiration for his Resort 2016 collection from the Caribbean island country. He said he had visited the land some two decades ago and it had left an impression that has stayed with him these many years, his collection, if inspired by Tropical land, it was only lightly. There was little outwardly obvious to point to Cuba as it's jumping off point and that may be why the collection felt a tad underdeveloped.

Leather was a dominant factor in this collection and looked great in slouchy trousers and in a Smashing Dark Olive Raincoat or a minimalistic Avocado Green belted Jacket. Some Tangy colours crept their way into the collection too, A Searing Tabasco Red was certainly eye-catching and a Piquant Citron colour was welcome, especially in a Fluid gown made for the sultry Havana nights! An Ink Blue Satin Coat-Dress was also giving much reason to be admired! 

In the end, Lippes' collection didn't come off as very much Cuban, but it did come across as Perfectly Wearable. And when it's all said and done, isn't that the purpose of clothes to begin with?

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