Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/02/2015.

Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2016.

Having lived through some of the most Giddy and Glamourous times of Fashion history, Diane Von Furstenberg has seen ALL The Greats, and Wore them! Yves, Hubert, Halston, Calvin, Anne, Oscar, Bill, Ralph, and Innumerable others... That she remains as Youthful and Modern and relentlessly Forward thinking as she has is a testament to the Intellect and Passion of a Woman of Legendary caliber! Her clothes reflect all that and more and her Resort 2016 collection was like a perfect summation of all these ideas and influences!

It read kind of like a "Best Of" collection without one saccharine trace of Sentimentality or Nostalgia (in that she is Absolutely the equal to Karl Lagerfeld, in her disdain for remembrance of things past!) Yes, the clothes had a gentle frisson of the throwback to yesteryear, that although in no way prevented them from being right Of-The-Minute Fresh and Vibrant! A long White Cardigan jacket with Black/White Chevron trim and paired with Wide leg Trousers was giving 70's, but through the prism of now, while the Zebra print Trench that followed was Perfect for any time and era, from Austin Powers style Swinging 60's to Studio 54 70's to Grunge 90's and everywhere in betwixt!

Von Furstenberg is a Legend because.. well... SHIT! She just IS! She's lived a life even the most lucky have never been able to live, She is, in comparison, the closest thing we on earth, have to a Goddess from on High! Her clothes, Sensationally enough, seem designed to make all whom she surveys in womankind, feel exactly the Same!

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